Timothy J. Clark, Artist


November 30, 2019 – December 19, 2020

Polk Museum of Art
800 E. Palmetto Street
Lakeland, Florida


This wonderful exhibition opens with this painting of mine from the Museum’s permanent collection. Inspired by Marriott enthralled in a book, the painting seems especially appropriate for this era, when so many of us have returned to the joys of reading.

About the exhibit…
“Sometimes the greatest connections can be made by unexpected juxtapositions. In this installation of works selected from the permanent collection, we seek resonances of works of art of different styles and from across time and media. By inviting visitors to look closely and to think actively about why chosen pieces may have been placed side by side, Juxtapositions proposes no right or wrong answers, initiating instead an open-ended inquiry into the visual and thematic links that connect us and the objects all around us.”

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